Seven Days to Go – What to Pack?
In seven days I’m flying to New York with the London Gay Men’s
for a twelve-day tour. We’ll be singing in New York and Chicago. The
highlight for me will be singing in Central Park, early on Sunday morning. OK.
The “early on Sunday morning” bit doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm. Perhaps we
simply won’t go to bed the night before…

This is the earliest I’ve ever started planning for an
overseas trip. I’m usually very last minute. But with one hundred gay men as my
travel companions, I’m getting plenty of advice. They’ve all got opinions.
Strong opinions.

For some of my fellow travellers, it seems the generous
luggage allowance of forty-six kilos plus multiple cabin bags is not enough.

I’ve only got one suitcase and a rucksack. I’m feeling

We’ve been given two special t-shirts for the tour, plus we’ll
wear our Silver Jubilee t-shirts from last year. I don’t need much more do I? A
pair of trousers, a pair of trainers, a couple of changes of socks and
underwear. That’s enough isn’t it?

I’ve just received an email from a member of the New York
Gay Men’s Chorus. They’ll be hosting us. “Social evening at the Eagle NYC on
Thursday night. The theme is sports gear. Bring a wrestling singlet, or a pair
of speedos!”

I’m beginning to feel my small wardrobe is very inadequate.

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