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Doggerel Posted on Fri, May 27, 2016 10:16:14


All that I love
Is all that is you.
It is everything about you.
Around you,
Within you
And all that defines you.

The essence of you
Touches all that I feel,
That I sense,
That I am
And makes me whole.

The Leatherhead Lovelies

Doggerel Posted on Fri, May 27, 2016 10:13:06

The Leatherhead Lovelies

Lissom, Lithe, Lolling and Languid. A mother and her three daughters.

Lissom Lisanne says “yah” when she can
She just hates to say no, “might offend”.
But if life gets banal, for a Leatherhead gal
She’s gone, no matter whose heart she might rend.

With her lithe, lovely legs
Super Sam simply eggs
On the men who come near.
But with a flash of her lashes
Their egos she smashes
“You’re so sweet, but no thank you my dear”.

Just Lolling around, Sinitra is bound
To get someone to close the window.
There’s the nanny, the cook,
And a gardener, “Just look!
He has the most marvelous torso!”

Languidly drinking a pink gin, Sue’s thinking:
“This man’s the most terrible bore,
I should really say no,
But as a widow
His fortune I’ll need all the more”.